Wednesday, September 4, 2013

sucker punching coffee cup of tears

“When a stargirl cries, she sheds not tears but light.”
Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

the anger has simmered
long enough

because the blackened air
smelled of autumn
and made me breathe

I listened for something to sound off inside
the sorrow
the solitude
the loss

Really- I listened and looked and waited, wondering

But there was nothing

And it matches what is

So it makes sense
from nothing to

except it is like the world sucker punched me
ripped out my intestines,
punctured my lungs
and it is an all-of-a-sudden kind of pain

so it becomes apparent
that the anger simmered long enough
and the tears were done cooking
because they just started pouring over the edges

filling empty spaces

At least that is one cup
I don't have to philosophize about
because I am damn sure
the thing is more than half