Friday, September 20, 2013


smiley smiley smiling.  make a list of good things, of gratitude or joy or whatever:

I am grateful for:
facebook friends
for Louis C.K.
for lovely evenings and soft breezes and crickets
for Malbec wine
for Joss Wheedon
for chocolate chip pumpkin bread and people to share it with
for hot tubs and small swimming pools
for old students who visit me with hugs
for my plastic chair that doesn't rip when I sit in it (because my swing was ripping, grrrr)
for the look on Aiden's face when I got my daily kiss the other day
for soft evening breezes (I know I just said that, but another one just caressed me)
for new shampoo
for yummy smelling candles
for good books
for my friend Matt's posts on his World of Steam
for feeling sexy sometimes even when I am alone
for friends who watch my kids for free to let me go do things
for my super smart Reverand
for my church full of eclectic intelligent weird cool people
for good music
for friends who bring me cool music
for books that are hard to read
for people liking my posts and my blog entries
for grass under barefeet
for my kids riding my bikes while I walk the dogs (they keep up sooo much better that way)
for John's friends who like my posts and stay in touch, if only on facebook
for old boyfriends who still seem to care if I am ok
for unusual new friends
for chalice group
for choir
for the Gleaton's!
for my red head friends!
for the fact that gay rights are coming around enough so that we can hopefully talk about boys loving boys and girls loving girls even in a second grade classroom some day soon
for George Takei's posts
for Star Wars
for all the awesome books my brother has given me
for scary smart friends
for ice cream
for the crazy sweet snuggles my Cilly gives
for the kisses I get from Neil
for everyone who has let me try to help them
for everyone who tries to help me see that I am not alone
for memories of crazy adventures in sky diving and SCUBA diving
for my students

what is really cool and I am really thankful for, is that right now this list could go on and on....