A few photos...

always coaching <3

what a great dad!!!

three months before the deficits began...such a fun day at the pumpkin patch

I was sick as a dog with strep throat but nothing was keeping me down

good friends are there no matter what- thanks Ben

the ink John wanted right in the middle of his chest, like Iron Man. I got it before he died so he could see it.
Yeah, Neil-io!
I want to eat his cheeks from this pic

These two are from the Childhood Brain Tumor  Foundation event that John bounced at, prior to his second surgery. 

Cilly loves her balloons

This is what John does after brain surgery to check his balance.  

The first time he did that was in the ICU of Washington Hospital Center, with a tube running from his brain to a bag that was holding the draining spinal fluid.  Oh, John.  "Humor me," is what he said before doing that.  I haven't even had ONE brain surgery and I can't do that.  I tried recently.  It came up in a yoga routine I was attempting on Exercise TV.  I changed the work out to something easier. 

Our blue-eyed bomb shell...my sweet Cecilia, Cilly little lady

School girl
This is my super hero- Check out those QUADS!!!  And he is only 5!

Wacky hair day is fun!  Of course, they made him  take his horns off...

Aiden "Cheeseball" Smith

Daddy love, after his second brain surgery
Just more Daddy love.  There isn't much better than this feeling right here.
John and Aiden at the Native American Pow-Wow at the Fair Grounds in Frederick.  It was Aiden's first experience with a bow and arrow.  He did pretty well!  And we just found out that John has enough Cherokee in him that he will be able to get on the books and be official....

My little geologist in the making.  Dirt and rocks all the way

I just love this picture of Neil!  It was last taken last year, the first day I saw my new classroom