Saturday, April 23, 2016

losing again

Ah... Life...
your gifts
are barbells
and hand weights

while in the forest
a fairy dies
stabbed in the back
by the human she tried to

and in the town
the music rings
into the soul of broken hope
while in reality, the woman too old for games
shakes her head
and remembers something solid


what it really is...

inside the bubble of real love
no one is allowed to run
and "broken" only opens you
because hearts that connect
do nothing
but open more

and she shakes her head with eyes downcast
because she also knows
that love pretend
does less than nothing

and, scientifically,
less than nothing is negative.
and negatives take away

love pretend
from your soul
your hope
your belief

the only gifts that remains
have small hands
more needs
less ability

invisible arms making
mist like embraces
creating aches
where solace should reside  

And, again, she has to manage
the desire to
scrape the skin
off her skeleton

fairy or human


Perhaps more so
after loss.