Tuesday, September 24, 2013

sacred sexuality, journeys and reenchantment

I come back, again, to forgiveness.
It is the foundation of everything.
Forgive your own indiscretions, as well as
the indiscretions of others.  which does not
allow for purposeful
disrespect, chaos, foolishness

We each are gods and goddesses
in our own stumbling dance
across the deserts plains and mountains
we are mortal messes
attempting connection, searching
for peace and joy and something
even larger

We are the living embodiments
of imperfection and confusion

Myriad manifestations
inside each mind
and the only thing
that is right
is to keep trying
to be better than
the last time.  Or if not better simply

The best magic trick is that there is anything here
at all.*

How loud it is, in our heads
Such a small place
encased in something solid
events and ideas and Being
clang around as if in a cage
causing so many
quick changes

if we open up
crack through the crust
and connect to everything
the world...would...slow

the cacophony quiets
dispersing pain and joy
to mix with the sea of souls
to share and spread and even out,
the static.

Mutants and Mystics
what a wonderful idea.
Eroticism and mysticism
We are binary, oppositional not in antagonistic ways
but black to white, self to other
because that makes sense
But nondual is the base of this
Not one, but
also not separate, instead
an instance of coexistence

Circling back to see the past pains and imprudence
giving the gift of seeing these as more
See the beauty
of self and mind
See the power
of forgiveness and progression
without anger or regret
even without fear
And with a heavy load
of love
respect and the ability to embrace
that Self, the integrity inside insecurity, the sexuality
the physical the spiritual
the MORE.  

There is a gift in touch
in the tingles that liven the living parts
there is power in that moment
when your passion, your thought, your hopes and fears
explode in fire
There is power and healing
and a special sort of grace
in the version of truth which exists
for each couple
each climax, each connection

The warrior, the bear, the moon in every phase
the hand that reaches through it's own darkness
to connect inside the darkness
of another

Forgive yourself your indiscretions
and the indiscretions of others
and in forgiveness
forge the perfect key
not to any answer
but to a darkened path that leads

Somewhere new, next
to the place where you can bring the Spirit back
the path to reenchantment
even if you never knew you were enchanted
in the first place.

*from "Holy Now" by Peter Mayer