Friday, January 17, 2014

things I miss

I want something
messy broken
and lovely at the core
something sweet and intricate

the moon reflects in every shiny surface
the music reaches everywhere, everyone
even when you barely realize

I long for freckles to caress
crows feet to kiss
slightly crooked teeth and a twice broken nose
I even long for being
momentarily ignored
for something

I miss someone getting my water
two feet from me,
three feet from him

what is it that I can do to shorten time?
to lengthen it, backwards?
to show the world my pain
while still walking in power?

I bite my lips
till the iron taste of blood
tickles the tips of my tongue
flavors the tightness between my teeth
when what I want
what I want
ha!  well, what I want would fill pages of books and books and years and lifetimes

for now
suffice it to say
I miss freckles for caressing
and crows feet for kissing
a twice broken nose
nuzzling mine...