Sunday, January 12, 2014

feeling too much...emotion and disolution

sometimes I bite my lips so hard
it's like I want to take them off my face

how can tears so hot
surprise you so deeply??

not linear, these moments
but cyclical
curving and caressing
waves crashing
and ripping apart
and building
in a single swoop
erosion as well as deposition

when what I long for
are the swirling
semi cyclonic swoops
of seagull circles
dancing among the
shadows made by clouds
spattering lattice lines
across the mountain tops

If only I could
close my eyes
be the moon in ethereal moments
looking like a cloud hiding
dissolve into sea foam
with the real little mermaid
or embrace the transformation
into a cool, mystical series
of barely visible water droplets
a fog bank engulfing the world
twining between every crevice
entering everything
being nowhere

melted to moments of
no emotion