Tuesday, January 21, 2014

silly needs and gratitude...with little meaning anywhere

the cold sparkles
when you pay attention

it also leaves strange, snowless holes in the sidewalk
no footprints
no spot for wind drifts

I think life is like that
it makes no sense

things happen
and they go on happening
whether or not your night is long
lonely, full of love, anger, fear, loss

think of things to be grateful for
that is what my inner voice tells me
I am grateful for living in a 1st world country
as ass backward as it may be
profit alone, not profit, people, and planet

I'm grateful for dogs who keep me warm
even though I have to walk them in driving snow
I'm grateful for a home with a heater that works and space enough
even though it isn't mine
I'm grateful for a church filled with faces I love
even though its tiny size prevents it from helping all it should
I'm grateful for amazing kids
even though I have no one to help with them
I'm grateful for a wonderful job that makes me feel part of the solution
even though it is hard and taxing on every level
I'm grateful for my ability to keep searching for things to be grateful for
even though I keep adding caveats

find me a hope and I will find you a hole
or perhaps it is the other way around

either way,
it's cold outside
and more than anything
I wish for a man to snuggle with and kiss my cheek
Ah, yes, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, right?
what if the fish
needs to get to the store?