Tuesday, October 15, 2013

what if it doesn't matter?

tearing at things that are only
partly there
and all the world around you is calling
for you
to fix this, make that better

the place where things should be able to be
is a very large hole
so what, pray tell, is the next

This hole ingests
things that care
the parts of me that find a way to hope
but then,  the fact is
that empty space
calls for something
to fill it

and what fills holes better than
amounts of hope

and hope made flesh
gives gifts that grow, multiply

So it seems
what I need is
made flesh

till time stalls and something sad
seeps into every single cell
and there's
no flesh

but the memories that fill me, memories of him,
make holes
in the whole heart
that he helped heal

So my only question now
now what?