Thursday, October 10, 2013

beginnings of my credo?

Beauty is not how you look.  It is how you love and how you speak and how you walk.

belief is not what you find written by someone.  It is what makes your heart relax and what touches your center in a way that opens everything inside you to hope.

Greatness is not being right or being followed or admired.  It is knowing what is right and standing up for it, while not allowing your stance to be on the backs of anyone else.

let the rain touch my pores.  let my heart connect to the mist that caresses the crevices of each mountain nook.  these are the places that allow me to live, without judgement

There are not answers.  There are questions cradled in the glowing sunsets, the sparkling sunrises, the crackling fires, and the smooth sleek tumbles of river waters

I believe there is nothing but what is here and can be felt, or created between each of us, be the pairing human, ursine, aquatic, somehow sentient, or solid and of the earth.

There is power in each of these things.  Some carry power in words, some in caress, some in strength and solidity or in their simple existence.

Find a path.  Hold a hand.  Touch something other than yourself.  These simple things are what I believe in.  These connections.  These moment of clarity that breathe comfort into the indifference or pain which all too often engulfs us.  There is no god or God, no Goddess or gods judging us, loving us, choosing among us, helping or hurting us...there is energy. There is expansion, growth, destruction, pain, death, sorrow...and love. If there is anything akin to being saved, it is feeling, finding, accepting LOVE. 

There is Divine Connection.