Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moving Forward Makes No Sense

Words and screens and baby screams
Empty arms, ancient loves, breaking hearts
Longing, hiding, dreaming
Scared and hopeful, somehow all at once
Guilty for hoping, fearful of hoping
Under cared for
Wanting and needing and asked to ask for things
But I have no idea what
I want, or need, or am supposed to ask for.
Hold me?  Love me?  That can’t be right…
No one is him
And no one is mine
Find me a corner to hide,
a helping hand to uncover me
There are tiny voices all around me
Love like oxygen
Like banging your head against a wall
Over and over
Like everything there ever was or will be…
And I still want more
And while I think there is nothing wrong with that
I have no idea what to do with that