Sunday, July 21, 2013

Agents of hope

Do you believe we are carriers, agents of joy and hope? 
Do you see the power of being AWARE, not only of the soothing ones? For we are 
carries of those, as well.
We may not be our anger, despair, fear...we are not our pasts.
And yet, these things each help shape us, help teach our hearts the ways to connect to others in the world around us. 

We are not our past, but we must carry pieces
of our past with us
as we travel ever deeper into our futures
for there are lessons to be learned there,
into our memories as surely as initials and hearts
can be carved
into trees.

The same is true of each of those;  we carry pieces
of our anger with us, 
We carry hunks of our despair, our fear, our grief. 
We carry portions of them all. 
For when we mix these together with our hope, passion, joy and love...they make a fine drink indeed.

For what is sour without sweet?  Night without day, birth without death...
for us to be ambassadors from our own heart
to that of another
it helps to know both sides of your own coin

So, carry the weight as long as it takes
learn to stand tall beneath it.
That drink, that curse, that blessing, that joy, that pressure and burden, those oceans of tears
They are what will
eventually, hopefully
carry you
the heart of another.