Monday, December 9, 2013

breathing in the storm winds

sneaky sneaky.... these tears.  I feel the pain just below the surface
it rumbles my foundation
almost all the time
but like an adventurous
wounded warrior, I'm learning to surf the rippling swells

Until the crash comes
the sandbags move
and I am in the undertoe

one man, invisible and unreachable, recognizes the lack of empathy that exists
another too soon, too familiar
yet another a misleading guide to a summit of excitement
that crumbles beneath my feet.

and the clouds paint pictures
of families in pain
poor choices
crumpled crushed vehicles
that end up taking you

Not the only one on this soulless
sovereign sea
each frothy droplet
a memory shining, a spear, cutting
thorn-bush adventures
arguments on New York freeways
tiny trees for Christmas
remote control cars and strep throat honeymoons

Memories dust and photographs
when all I want
is a hand
to hold.  A shoulder to lean on
lips to kiss and whisper
"you will never be alone" and
"I love you"

One foot.  Another.  Place them carefully
tighten your abdomen in order to balance
as the concrete coils into solid stone waves
Remember, when you fall, and you will,
tuck your shoulder and roll

You get hurt more
when you try to stop it
so let them sneak up on you
learn to plan for leaks
to roll when the tide comes
let the soul expansion take you
make you, carry you to a place where you build
in ways that know how to bend
no matter the strength
of the storm