Monday, December 16, 2013

because that happens

I walk around with eyes that are closed
With a body that is broken.
Looking for an old boyfriend
Looking for something, someone that makes sense
Dreaming for magic
Hoping for strength and hope and something
Something the same
Isn’t anything possible, if you only never stop?

Running through the woods and searching for notes from a different time
there is nothing

But air pushing around more air
Pulling people together with wind and the shine of life and light on water
It’s always on water
And when the time is right, you walk to him and all else falls away.

Hope and belief
Until you are willing, excited, to walk the plank back onto the boat
But I have no boat.

It doesn’t matter.

Someone somewhere will go back for me
Update their mission.
Let crying also
Be laughing.
Listen to this:  Big Machine