Wednesday, September 3, 2014

forward with mixed priorities

Drink it down
like dulcet timbres
for drowning taste buds
purple half moon eyes
with swollen moments
invading sockets
full of saline memories

swallow silently
each lament in a voice
too high to be your own
wishing for powers
beyond the Power
and ways to bring
moments lost
in sterile rooms
with half body gowns
wires and tubes and napkin-like dividers
beeps and far
too much silence
except for the
unsubdued, wrenchingly confused screaming
behind Curtain Number 1

the movie behind eye lids
like a life love vampire
sucking out sections
you never thought removable

till all that's left
are long nights lost
with love bits broken
and a soul so whole
you find yourself searching
for a hammer

how can you fit shards
inside solitude?  Fractures
inside function?

Outside your box
the "how" is irrelevant
you do what you do
you lace up your boots
and leave the house each morning
with your shirt unbuttoned
or your pants
on backwards
Just so long
as the boots
don't move
and you keep