Thursday, April 23, 2015


I can feel her, the Wise Observer,
With me even now
She doesn't judge even foolish choices

They are not so bad...they are what is

It isn't you...these things that happen

They are how you react to things that
Breathe deeply
Focus inward
Wrap your arms around

For you deserve comforting

To be the one who comforts

There's power on both sides
Power in tenderness
A gentle strength

There's someone there
It is Merlin
Isis and Desdemona,
Tom Sawyer, Lolita, Scout...

Can I be safe
To a deep deep place?
With no hand to hold?
With only me beside me
To guide me
And lift me, to hold me?

Can there be such a place to live?
Where the driving force
isn't loneliness?
Where every move comes from
Somewhere else...
A place of safe
Belief in self

Just breathe
Curl into you
And hold so tight
Your heart can move
along with the rest of you

I like the thought

Even if it does come
in scattered sacred
blinks of speculation.