Sunday, April 26, 2015

2 poems from class

Ability to Brighten

Here is the soft and soothing secret
Hear that sound?

It is your bed

And it is not just a
sanctuary for sleep

It is a reservoir
for the partial penetration
of precipitation from a lake
like Lethe

You can curl up
and cover your head

Allow breaths to slow
shoulders to drop
back muscles to release

Until she comes to you
the Wise Observer
from inside your darkest dreams
dancing with absurdity trends

Feel the heart furrows
begin to bend

The soft and soothing secret
is that the sun
has always been shining
from inside you

Allow yourself
To be


Even Electricity

To be grounded
even just for a moment
A brief shared smile
the touch of a friendly hand
Find safe haven
while crying from the depth of connection
A momentary shimmering reminder
that inside us, stored within
our wondrous hearts
is all that ever was
or ever could begin to be
...the stuff of stars
Illumination, without expectation
offering restoration
vulnerable in its unending
if even just
for a single
shining moment
in our own
electric haze