Thursday, November 21, 2013

cerulean recollections

the glass in my hand
so smooth
hand blown from Mexico
where I have never been
had a twin

an evening bath
twelve years ago

sitting on a windowsill
beside blowing white curtains
and a bit more wind
than I expected
brought the sibling to a
shattering end

that room where he and I showered
brushed each others teeth
bathed my screeching cats
the house were we were one
for the first time
and it seemed that dreams
might live and walk
 make me laugh and make me
split into a thousand glowing pieces
to come
back together
in a whole better than I ever believed

those moments of pure hope
sensation and dreams mixed into midnight pool water
rippling and touching

they still live inside me
connected to a clear blue glass
smooth cerulean
hand blown
from Mexico
were we have never