Friday, February 10, 2017

I'm just not sure how

Sometimes the title of the story doesn’t fit
Sometime magic
Isn’t what you thought it was
I keep reaching to hold the whole

The good thing is that it is lined
With love
Because I chose to do that
The question is always “are you okay?”
The answer remains “not really”

Yet we soldier on
Because inside us
We so often
Have more
Than we ever thought we did

I have traveled many places in this world
And at times, I would touch things
I placed my palms on the Leaning Tower of Pisa
And on the legs of Notre Dam
My fingers have lightly played with poppies
In the hills of France
Snitched cherries from backyards
Of Spanish homes
My body was buzzed by a sea lion in the cool waters of the Galapagos
I did handstands at the entrance to Machu Pichu
And burbled excitement upon seeing a sleeping shark
Fathoms below me in the Coral Sea
I have stories to tell
And pieces that are broken, rebuilding, numb, dumb and confused

My fingertips still buzz
With the desire to touch
The wind
As it moves on
Beside me
Beneath me

Grief is not an ending to it all
It is a dancing script upon my soul
Singing soft and sexy songs
To lift
Me higher than I might otherwise

Have gone.