Saturday, December 17, 2016

poem with thanks to Into The Woods... (just typed, not edited...)

Things are bigger than
You think they are
And they are smaller too
What you do to me
Affects you
And like the butterfly
Wings flapping
The pluck upon the spider web strand
And tremble things into life
That otherwise would not have been
And the connections are layers
Topsoil feeding eluviation layers
And making regolith

Growth isn’t always on the surface
In the glow of the kissing sun

In the woods our lives
Are made of moments
Bad ones
Good ones
But if life were made of moments
We’d never know we had one
So they whisper in our ears
And guide our dreams

Through us they speak of respecting women
Regarding mistakes made
When we were too young to know
What our tongue could taste

And love
Love is all the things
And nothing:  connection and loneliness
Joy and guilt
Hope and hurting
Healing and destruction

Just remembering you’ve had an “and”
When you are back to
Makes it all mean more

With nothing
Being easier.

So the song singing to the moments
Is my siren…remember them.  Hear them
Heed them.  You may not believe they are connected
You do not need to.  You may not know that one pluck
Keeps a heart beating.
It just does
And thus
You continue

Moment to moment
Springing and singing from strand to strand
In the hopes that your dance
Brings life
To someone