Thursday, May 14, 2015

understanding dancing

to understand your heart
is a process in dissection of a living organ
cut it
watch how it bleeds
where the blood runs to...
how it pools

and cut again
a simple, smooth, sensual slice

patch it.  feel it throb, silently spinning in cirlces
of a lonely disco dance
wet, sticky, hot, dying
searching for life
striving to build strength


to understand yourself
there is a watlz inside a shattered
snow globe
while water leaks
and small white chunks,
cube-like crumbles of some sort of
cling to the things
it should be fluttering around

where does it stick?
how to you step around it?
what shall you use to patch the holes both
tiny and titanic

to understand someone else
is to peel your skin
gently remove the muscle and bone
step out, slowly, from your skeleton
let everything else
swirl down the drain
of everything your heart
it might be able to carry
crashing around a bloody mosh pit, flailing
and refilling
the empty places
of that other place

and still

inside each journey
is a chain...
heavy metal links
binding you
to what you already know
with arms on waist
a sultry salsa dance
with a fine, faceless partner

which in the grand ballroom
you must admit
really isn't much
after all , dancing alone.