Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wednesday night poem

I went out last night.  I was supposed to meet a friend, but she got tied up with crazy kid stuff.  So, I ate, had some good beer, chatted with some people, and wrote...and I thought I'd share the first one...I have to reread the others before posting them.  I felt okay...but deeply I wanted to write about that, about "empty"...

Sit With Trembling Lips
and empty bowl
cracked in lightning lines
not yet shined with
still letting breezes through
slithering lines of snake air
    winding words, serpentine circular stories
replaying records worn beyond skips
       and repetition
to a place where sound           drops
drizzling dried tear rocks
onto unpainted dirty toes
Toes that danced in the rain
and curled around other toes
twining like vines
transcending lattice walls

strange and lovely
full of space
        and hollow homes to
minor-key moments
creating fractal lenses
in broken binoculars

should I look through
the right way
and see far away?
My eyes keep finding
the smaller circles
and tiny things, close up
sing me vision songs
from just 
and it makes me