Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is it?

a question rang
Is that
the ONLY
version, perspective
of your story?

Can I switch my perspective?
of course I can.  Which is NOT
to say
it is an easy game

I feel myself trying
to do this--
I attempt to remember
the pain-stories I've worn
a series of
ripped Cinderella dresses, shredded

trying to learn
to sew
the granddaughter of an expert seamstress
who passed less than nothing on

in order to put together something
patchwork new

I see the pain and it is colors
it colors my gown
in fiery blasts of golden reds
I taste the tears and
sew every last one
my train- a shimmering gauze of glitter, pearls, and sequins
my hair- crystals of frozen salt songs simmering in solid moments
my ears and neck- gems and solid dew drops made only to adorn and decorate

that these things happened
see the underclothes
the simple things that cover the basics
the tale that Stars

Myself.  The One Who Made it Through.
Who came out the other side
like the Dragon Mother, Daenerys, Fire Princess
Alive inside the flames
and hatching creatures
fierce and magical
often unpredictable

No matter

I am adorned in shimmering
color strong as the sun, patchwork patterns
and messy moment pockets

I'll learn
to ride my dragons
and scream the songs
of the wind

Sewing the seeds of our future
inside the the nutrient rich death of days
gone by...