Wednesday, April 9, 2014

angels and smiles

ah, my angels, my loves...
there are ideas that you get, better than those your age
and gone
and empty places.
for months I've looked into your eyes
heard platitudes
about what should matter
and I drank and cried
and felt and ached
and I have looked at you all
my eyes
connected to my soul, my heart, my toes
to everything
and you three
you are the ties
that bind
you are the ribbons
of the knot
that was tied

there's a song
so sweet, so lovely
embracing the mess and holding
the love higher
no mirrors
because it isn't about now
or looks
or perfection
it is

we are, together
imperfect in our haves
and have nots
and I wonder if you know what I want?

I want you to see the sunset
through my eyes
hear the sounds of small creatures
to feel the burn of muscles in legs
as you climb to the top of something
so large
everything spins when you get there
I want you to know the coolness of the kiss
of wind on your skin

I want you to KNOW
you keep
my heart

when there is nothing else

which makes me smile....