Thursday, January 21, 2016

For him, for hope

The noise
of life can overwhelm me

Voices and
the slip of bills
from between my fingers
spent as soon as they are earned

stomping small feet
prancing a made up dance
and singing songs with no words
till siblings crumble in frustration
whining a screech "pleeease just stoooop!"

the tires are worn out
and the road makes them rumble hum
a warning as they reach for a way
to pull off and spin
to the sides of the road

it's too cold in the house...
I don't like that food...
the cat threw up at the top of the stairs, mom
so I can't brush my teeth!
Because that makes sense?

Life carries loss, pain, noise, needs
and sometimes
if you let it happen naturally
there is poetry
in connection

the soft skin prickled with a goatee beard
faded tattoos
and a muffled side spun giggle

have you seen it?  heard it?  felt it?
the hollow that digs so deep inside you
you cannot see light?

I have.

And for the first time in too long
I've found someone willing
to carry a torch into the dark

There is not a holding of breath here.
There is exhaling shared air

There are words that tumble
trickling easily, softly
a rumbling river tributary
caressing a secret, silent lake shore

A beginning
warm, secure,
wet and waiting
for whatever story
two hearts
decide to write in the stones and sand
at the river's edge.