Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy birthday, Neil

The Bane of My Existence And My Smile In Living Form

Saying the
Word over and over
And over
And again
Bringing me water “Betuz I want you to be healfy”
You need a password to get through, which I have to support
Because the password is
“Please may can I go through?”
Choosing to use his birthday money to buy everyone something
Helping to sweep
Throwing the trash into the can
Leaving splatters on the wall
The laugh that giggles to the ends of time
Peeing the bed
Pulling the siblings together with hugs and “I wuv you. You da bess sisser ever”
The screaming, oh the screaming
The small arms that hold me, the tiny chest where I place my head for gentle pats
“The only ting I member when I was baby, is you.  The only ting I don’t member, is Daddy”
We all love you, the brother, the sister, the spirit father, but you
You, my dear, are mine.