Sunday, January 29, 2012

Race for Hope

So I suppose I should be asleep.  But I just feel like I need to do something positive for John today.  After coming home from church, it was like someone unplugged most of the wires to my brain.  I was shaking and just wanted to sleep.  But John needed rest more, and Neil (our one year old) kept climbing the ladder to the bunk beds in the basement and getting stuck at the top.  Damn little baby.  I have said it before and I will say it again, it is a good thing that little booger is so cute!

Anyway, I finally got on the Race for Hope site for the D.C. race and created the team for John.  Below is the link to my page:

Badge: Team Captain

That link SHOULD become a sign and a link to my team page.  Of course I am new at this and right now it looks like a bunch of weird code type things to me.  Hope it translates right.  If not, I don't have the energy to redo it tonight so I will get it up tomorrow.  

Light and love and restful sleep to everyone.  (And wear your pj's inside out and backwords- maybe we will have at least a delay tomorrow!)